An OBM. Online Business Manager. Biz Bestie. Right hand woman. Systems and Workflow Goddess. Just a few of the names we hear our clients refer to their OBM as. AND WE LOVE IT. An OBM should be all of the above with a side of kick butt and get things done. If you’re reading this thinking I’m not sure what an Online Business Manager is, but I NEED ONE let’s chat. I know a few pretty amazing OBMs that would love to make your life 3x more abundant. 

If you’re not fully convinced, I totally get that. I wanted to point out a few obvious signs that it might be time for an OBM. Usually the signs that it’s time for an OBM are written on the wall. BUT if you’re unsure- here are 3 BIG signs it’s time for an online business manager.

Wait, I have to manage my own team?

Comes with the territory, right? Not necessarily. Just because your business has scaled and you’ve hired a handful of team members, doesn’t mean you HAVE to take on the role of team member management. Reminding team members to submit time sheets, or following up on projects that are outstanding- might not be the best use of your time. If you are; A, simply not managing your team well or B, you spend too much time managing team members, it’s time for an online business manager to take on the role of Team Manager for you.

Payroll, who?

Your team is counting on you to remember to submit payroll. But somehow it still keeps slipping your mind. With an OBM on your team, you won’t have to worry about remembering to submit payroll in time. Instead, spend your time finally starting that podcast you’ve been dreaming up to promote the new course your launching.

Your Biz has zero systems in place

One thing we pride ourselves on here at Abby Martinez & Co is helping our clients set up systems like your project management tool or CRM. We also looooove a good SOP. Meaning, if you don’t have any you better believe we will help you put some in place. Nothing makes an online business manager more excited than putting together an SOP (standard operating procedure) for others to follow. Weird, I know. 

My Biggest suggestion- over the next few days or even weeks do some reflecting. At the end of the day what SUCKED your energy that feels like it might be better served by someone like an online business manager? Start a list & be honest with yourself.

That’s it friend. There are tons of signs that it’s time for an online business manager. If you feel like you might be there, or almost there… let’s talk through it together. We get that hiring an online business manager can feel very overwhelming. But we are here to talk through what type of support YOU need and what your business would look like with our support


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