You’ve heard about it. Everyone in the creative world uses it. But thinking about the set up or making the switch makes you cringeeee. I PROMISE there is not a single one of us who has made the switch who didn’t feel that way at one point or another. But personally, once I got everything set up I haven’t looked back once. Stay with me here- I put together a few of my biggest Dubsado  tips no matter where you are in the implementation process.

Set up everything from day ONE

What do I mean by this? I mean all the workflows you are manually implementing right now. All the email templates you have saved in a google doc that you manually send. And the client journey’s you personally touch from inquiry to onboarding. Add them as workflows, automations and canned emails in Dubsado. By taking the time to set everything up at the beginning you will be able to fully utilize all the functions Dubsado has to offer for creative entrepreneurs.

Utilize the Scheduler

This high tech function gets 5 stars from me. It allows you to set your own schedule for multiple appointment types. Require payment before a client books. Send a group scheduler to let clients pick their appointment type. This is one of the Dubsado tips I’m most passionate about. As a creative entrepreneur in the creative space, I’m not a once service fits all kind of business. And I’m sure you could relate. That’s what makes this function SO unique in my opinion. The scheduler function within Dubsado really gives you one step up to fully automate your client experience no matter how many offerings you have. 

Don’t hesitate to chat for help

THE MOST UNDERRATED feature in my opinion. Don’t waste your time spinning your wheels like you dont have 5,000 things to do. The team of pros on the other end of the Chat feature are so helpful. I’ve always walked away with a problem solved. If you need help walking through how to set up a workflow or setting up a canned email, they will walk you through it from start to finish. I’ve even gone to them not sure what I need, and left with a solution. SHOUT OUT to Dubsado Chat, you the real MVP.

Hire a Dubsado Pro

Youtube isn’t helping. Google leaves you more lost than you started. And you’re so unsure what to do next that you can’t even use the chat function for help. We get it, friend. Might we offer one more Dubsado tip? Hire a pro. 

Dubsado is amazing, yes! But only if you have the knowledge (& time) to implement workflows and write templates. We get that not everyone is as tech savvy as our VAs and OBMs here at Abby Martinez & Co.  That’s why we wanted to talk about these Dubsado tips in the first place. But also to remind you that one characteristic of a successful business owner is: knowing when something is completely out of your wheelhouse and might be better served by someone else. I would invite you to check out a few of our recent blog posts on 3 Signs its Time to Partner with an Online Business Manager and The Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Small Business. Outsourcing your Dubsado Set up or help with creating workflows could be the Dubsado tip you didn’t know you needed when you clicked on this post. I would love to chat through this with you. Support from one of our talented Online Business Managers could be just what you need to get your Dubsado set up moving in the right direction. 

Not ready to submit your info on our contact form? NO WORRIES. Come hang out with us on Instagram for more biz tips! Send me a DM I would love to hear from you. 


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