Have you ever heard the (cheeeeeesy, but true) saying: You’re only as good as your weakest team member? One thing I am passionate about is setting my team up for success from DAY ONE. So why wouldn’t I extend the same courtesy to anyone that I bring on my team to help support me and my business? Well, if you know me. You know, I absolutely do. Have you found  yourself the leader of a virtual team and not really sure how to set your virtual assistant up for success from day one? From one biz owner to another, let me give you a few pointers to setup your virtual assistant for success. 

Clearly define their scope of work

It’s essential to establish clear boundaries and scope of work to avoid misunderstandings and to deliver results efficiently. Create a detailed job description that outlines their tasks, responsibilities, and expectations. Also, make sure to establish clear communication protocols and response times to ensure a good workflow for everyone.

Provide the right tools and technology

Most likely your virtual assistant will rely heavily on technology and software to complete their assigned tasks efficiently. Make sure you have the right tools for the job set up for your virtual assistant. This includes project management software, communication tools, and time-tracking software.

Focus on building strong relationships

Building a strong relationship with your virtual assistant is crucial to your success as a virtual leader. Take the time to get to know your virtual assistant. Ask them about things like what brings them joy, how they like to work and what their goals are. Communicate regularly & provide a no-judgment environment for feedback and suggestions. AND here it is.. my best tip to setup your virtual assistant for success. Go above and beyond to make them feel appreciated. A person that feels valued and appreciated will always give you their best.

If you still feel overwhelmed with the idea of bringing on a virtual assistant, download my FREE onboarding guide. I offer more in depth and step by step information to onboard a virtual assistant into your business.

oh- and I’m sorry, but I can’t leave you without reminding you… if you’re still looking for that ‘perfect fit’ virtual assistant to add to your team, send me a message & let’s chat. I know someone who can be that perfect fit. 😉


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