Have you always dreamed of working from home but now are struggling to stay productive all day? We’ve all been there! Transitioning from a Corporate cubicle to the comfort of your own home can actually be tricky to navigate. There is no one telling you when to clock in, what to wear or where to sit anymore. So, how on earth is someone supposed to actually get anything done with that kind of freedom?! Don’t worry, I’ve got you!  Today I’m sharing my 6 Tips for staying productive while working from home.

Stay productive by starting your day with a routine

Do you like to exercise daily or is a nutritious breakfast a top priority for you in the morning? Whatever it might be, try to stick to the same routine and morning timeline every day. This will help you feel less frustrated with yourself by the time you do sit down to work. Personally, I stopped forcing myself to be at my desk by 7:30am like I was used to. Once I let go of that unrealistic routine for me. I felt so much less stressed when sitting down to work.

Dedicated work space while working from home

When you left the corporate world did you think working from the couch sounded like the biggest perk about working from home? Same girl, same. If you’ve been at this for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve figured out that’s not always the most productive place to be all day. My suggestion here is to have a dedicated space to work. This doesn’t always have to be as formal as your own home office- it could be a desk in the coroner of your bedroom or guest room. Or even a spot at the kitchen table that’s yours. Having somewhere you can check into everyday will make a HUGE difference in your productivity, I promise!

Make it a point to connect with others

Let’s be real here- we are social beings. Especially as creatives! Being completely isolated all day every day can be draining, trust me I know. What fun is your work, if you can’t share it with others or bounce ideas off of someone. If you have a VA or an OBM on your team, make it a point to connect with them daily to break up the radio silence that seems to be your life sometimes. Don’t have a team member to connect with? Schedule weekly coffee dates with a friend or meet up with your spouse for lunch once a week. All I’m saying is, if you make it a point to take a break during your day to connect with others, you’ll check back in feeling ready to tackle the rest of the day!

Take clear and intentional breaks

This kind of piggybacks off of the last one. But some of us thrive from being completely disconnected from all things Biz for a little while. Taking intentional breaks is usually my first go to, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, unproductive or burnt out.  This can be anything from a few days OOO or just an afternoon. Whatever you need to clear your head. After all, you’re the Biz owner… you make your own rules. 😉

Set daily and weekly goals

Okay, this is a favorite for me. I love a good goal sheet or weekly planner. I like to start each week with a list (shout out to all my other list girls out there) of priorities and goals for the week. This is SO helpful on those crazy days that I’m spinning my wheels thinking “whats next, what am I forgetting” I always know what’s coming next and how to appropriately plan out my days and intentional breaks by just looking at my weekly planner of goals and priorities.

These are the top 5 things that I really try to focus on when I feel like I need a little help to stay productive while working from home. Now, I want to know which one of these you have already been practicing and which one could use a little more attention from you.  Drop a comment below and let me know! After all, I’m here to cheer you on!


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