Being a small business owner in 2023 has its setbacks, sure. BUT also has some amazing benefits. We are in the “there’s a tech platform for that era” and I’m loving it. Unorganized? No worries, there’s a tech platform that will keep you organized. Can’t keep track of your invoices? NOT A PROBLEM, there’s a tech platform for that. Looking for a way to keep client communication all in one place? Yup, you guessed it. There’s a tech platform for that too. Honestly, the amount of tech platforms for business owners in today’s online world is limitless.  

Meet my BFF: ClickUp

Early on in my entrepreneurial journey, I KNEW I had to find a way to keep all of my clients tasks organized in a way that was going to benefit my business but also not slow me down. After tons of research I landed on ClickUp and have not looked back ONCE. ClickUp allows me to set due dates for client tasks, plan launches (PSSTT, I have a template in The WBB Shop that you can purchase) and stay on top of all the moving parts of running a business. If you feel like you’re forgetting everything and always one step behind, my biggest suggestion is to get organized by using a Project Management system like ClickUp.

Dubsado  = Personal Assistant

Automation might be my favorite flex as a business owner. I love setting up an automation that takes a client from inquiry to payment and a signed contract. One of the reasons why I’m able to function at the level I do is because I have strong workflows and automations set up on my backend to ensure a flawless client journey for anyone who comes into my pipeline. Dubsado is a Customer relationship management System that allows me to accept applications, send contracts and invoices, schedule appointments and onboard clients. 

Slack Me

Keeping all of your client communications in one place will make your life exponentially less stressful. Did they text me? Was that a voicemail? Or was it an email? Sometimes I honestly couldn’t even begin to guess where I had a conversation about something with my clients. So I decided to invest in Slack to  keep all of my client communications in ONE spot. Slack  allows me to create each client their own channel so that I can keep messages organized. One of my favorite Slack functions is that you can search each channel for a specific word. Finding that note from 3 months ago is SO MUCH easier.

Find where your pain points are as a business owner and set up a system to help keep you organized and the best at what you do. There are so many tech platforms for business owners in today’s online world. They are literally at your fingertips. I challenge you to pick just one today and start implementing it into your business! If setting up a system like Dubsado feels overwhelming to you, no worries. We can help. Let’s chat & talk system set up. Strategizing and setting up systems makes me more excited than I’d like to publicly admit. 😉 


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