You're ready to hire a 

Virtual Assistant 

It's time to turn the chaos into calm! When you partner with our team, we will help take tasks off your plate so you can focus on being the visionary of your business!

Ready to start outsourcing in your business to gain back margin to do more of what you love and focus on your YES list? 

Your business doesn't have to be overwhelming, you don't have to experience a launch hangover every time you put out a new product, and truth be told... your business doesn't have to take over your life. If you're feeling this... then it's time that we had a heart to heart. You CAN have a business that you can take a break from, you CAN live your life and have more time to focus on what matters most to you!


If you're looking for:

More time to do what you love

We know you didn't start your business to wear all the hats. It's time focus on your zone of genius to move the needle forward.

Trustworthy support

Your business is your baby, we get that! Our team will seamlessly integrate into your business to help YOU. We deeply care about the success and wellbeing of our clients. 

more alignment in your work

Being able to focus on the things that you really love to do in your business will help you move the needle forward faster. Let us take the tasks you don't love to do off your plate!

Great News. We can help with that.

Here are the areas our Virtual Assistants can help with! 

All we've got to do is get started.

  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Support
  • Inbox Management
  • Admin Support
  • Light Graphic Design 
  • Data Entry 
  • Course management & uploading
  • Group Manager
  • Client Support (onboarding, communication, etc)
  • + MORE

Dahlia Orth

Working with WBB has been INCREDIBLE! I've experienced a great deal of turnover in the last year and was honestly a little hesitant about bringing another new team member on. Abby helped ease my mind and ensured that her people were highly vetted and had experience to support me in my business. Within just a couple weeks, I saw the amazing value that Abby's team brought to my business. I've had projects I've put off for months in my business that I now had the freedom and margin to complete because of the help on my team. Truly amazing!! I'm so deeply grateful for Abby and her agency!

Working with Well Balanced Business has been INCREDIBLE!

REVIEW NO. 1 of 14

dahlia orth creative |

Ana Woods

 Abby has seriously changed my business from the inside out. her ability to take on any and every task, organize jumbled thoughts into well-oiled-machine workflows, and become a natural extension of your business is priceless. her incredible services have allowed me to build a more life-giving, profitable, and scaleable business and i cannot recommend her enough."

"If you are a business owner feeling stretched thin, overwhelmed, or like you need someone to walk alongside you and take he weight off your shoulders, I need you to hire Abby right now. 

REVIEW NO. 2 of 14

Abby Waller

WBB team has been a part of my business now for 2 years and I wish I would have started sooner! From growing my Pinterest and generating more traffic to my website, to helping me with scheduling content and designing graphics - they have been a huge help with allowing me to tackle little tasks that would always get set on the backburner! They are always super quick with the turnaround time and it is so nice to know that there is someone else helping me move my business forward without me needing to do it all! I have sent a handful of friends her way already and will continue to! 

I wish I would have started sooner!

REVIEW NO. 3 of 14

abby waller coaching |

Kristen Estes

Lorrie from the WBB team took my (somewhat complicated) business and boxed it up! I'm super confident now onboarding a new team member and uniting our team due to her work. My clients also love the Google templates she made. So appreciative. Thank you!

I'm super confident now onboarding a new team member and uniting our team due to her work.

REVIEW NO. 4 of 14

Moonwalker Digital |

Brooke VanSickle

Their team has relieved me of the overwhelming burden of management and day-to-day tasks, allowing me to focus on high-level work that brings me joy and drives business growth. From the moment I signed up, their warm and effective communication impressed me. Their knowledgeable and self-sufficient approach has been a breath of fresh air. I can confidently delegate systems and processes to their team, knowing they will handle it seamlessly without constant follow-up. Their professionalism and reliability are unmatched. As my team continues to expand, I plan to rely more on Abby's team rather than outsourcing additional staff. Thanks to their streamlined support, I now have the freedom to concentrate on important tasks that drive my business forward and enable scalability.

Working with WBB has been a game-changer for my small business.

REVIEW NO. 5 of 14

Journey to Kidlit |

Amber Krzys

I have been hesitant to bring on a VA for a long time. I thought training someone would be time-consuming and cause me to do more work rather than less. Turns out I could've been more wrong. Mindy on the WBB team is a superhero. I am so impressed with her communication, care, and willingness to find a way to get things done. Working with her has allowed me more time and space to focus on the areas I love. I'm so grateful I took the leap and that Mindy is the person who was on the other side!

I'm so grateful I took the leap

REVIEW NO. 6 of 14

Sally Zimney

Abby and her entire crew are an engaged, experienced - and most importantly, delightful group of professionals who have been so wonderful to work with. They took a somewhat disorganized haphazard do-what-I-can approach - and turned it into a seamless system! Plus, I truly adore everyone I've worked with there. 

Abby and her entire crew are an engaged, experienced - and most importantly, delightful

REVIEW NO. 7 of 14

BeMoved by Sally Z |

Ali Hicks-Wrigth

 Abby is the perfect mix of detail-oriented and efficient. She listened to our needs, took the time to understood our vision, and built systems for my business that are better than I could have ever dreamed!! We're just a few days in to using what Abby ahas built and it has already been a MAJOR game-changer for my business, our team, our processes, systems, and more. Abby goes above and beyond in everything that she does and she is a TOTAL business expert. On top of all of that, she is an absolute joy to work with!! Whether you're looking for an OBM to help you build out systems + strategies or you're looking for a VA to help with daily support of your business, WBB is your place! These gals will help you propel your business forward in a streamlined, organized, and effective manner so that you are prepared to scale and grow!!

Working with Abby and her team was next level!!

REVIEW NO. 8 of 14

Amari Creative |

Jenn Garcia

My business feels transformed after working with Abby and WBB. I knew I needed certain systems built but I didn't realize I needed so much more until working with her. She has been a strategic advisor, confidant and a true partner in all areas of my business and I am already seeing the positive results of such. Abby will challenge you to think differently and every entrepreneur needs that - we are coaching others to challenge the status quo and we need to do the same! 

My business feels transformed after working with Abby and WBB.

REVIEW NO. 9 of 14

Whole Point Consulting |

Maddie Peschong

I loved working with WBB. Madi was such an incredible team member and came in and created and documented so many systems and processes that I can honestly say would have never been done without her. She was so helpful keeping me on track with tasks, especially during launches and busy seasons. She took so many things off my plate and was always willing to help with any task!

I loved working with WBB!!

REVIEW NO. 10 of 14

Maddie Peschong Photography |

Kristina Henkai

It was so nice to work with  WBB., even though my business was new to her, they were really able to learn more and understand it in such a quick time that I there was very little hand-holding, which made the process so much smoother for me. Grateful for all the help :)

It was so nice to work with WBB

REVIEW NO. 11 of 14

Digital Pythia |

Victoria Lutzhoft

When I first hired Abby as my project manager I was looking for short-term support for a program launch. With Abby's help, I was really able to focus on the parts of running my business that I enjoyed like coaching and connecting with new potential clients because I knew I was supported in the backend. It wasn't always easy for me to hand over control of elements of my business, but Abby was patient, loving, and direct with her professional guidance and offered valuable input on what would ultimately benefit both me and my business. I'm so grateful for WBB and have referred anyone who asks for business support to this team!

I loved being supported by Abby and her team! 

REVIEW NO. 12 of 14

Life Coach |

Erin Huiatt

I hired WBB. to help take things off my plate. As an entrepreneur that wears many hats, I needed help with organizing and scheduling a lot of things that did not need my full attention. I am someone who can have troubles delegating and Abby's team made the transition very easy!  

I am someone who can have troubles delegating and Abby's team made the transition very easy!  

REVIEW NO.12 of 14

Des Moines Parent |

Erin Huiatt

I hired WBB. to help take things off my plate. As an entrepreneur that wears many hats, I needed help with organizing and scheduling a lot of things that did not need my full attention. I am someone who can have troubles delegating and Abby's team made the transition very easy!  

I am someone who can have troubles delegating and Abby's team made the transition very easy!  

REVIEW NO.14 of 14

Des Moines Parent |


Step 3: Onboarding& Kickoff


Step 2: Proposal & Contract


The first step is to fill out our contact form and we will then send you an email to book a call with our team! 

On your connection call you will get to learn all about our team, ask any questions you have, and find out what service package is right for YOU! 

Step 1: Inquire & Connect

Our Process

After your connection call we will send you a custom proposal which will include your invoice and contract. 

You review, choose the right service for you based on our recommendations, sign and complete your invoice.  

Yay, you're officially part of the AM&Co Fam! At this point in the stage you will receive your onboarding materials (questionnaire & welcome email). And we will pair you up with your new Virtual Assistant. You will be connected in a private slack channel 3 days prior to your contract start date to setup your kick off call, 
Let the magic begin! 

Is This Right For You?

You need to finally make time for that project you've been putting off

You're overwhelmed by your never ending to-do list

You want to step into your CEO shoes

You're so tired of having to open your laptop after 5 pm and weekends

You're ready to have trustworthy support in your business!

How do your packages work?

For our Virtual Assistant services we have hourly packages. Our smallest package is 10 hours per month with an investment of $500/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the contract month to month?

We book on contract terms of 3 or 6 months. Our initial contract is 3 months and if its a mutually beneficial relationship then we will invite you into a 6 month contract.

Will I have my own Virtual Assistant from your team or submit tasks to a system?

You will have your own dedicated virtual assistant from our team. We believe in the power of relationships and having one dedicated VA will allow you to build trust and your business will thrive from the dedicated support.

How do you pair me with a VA?

We like to pride ourselves on being great match makers. We will take into consideration your needs, personality and our team capacity as we pair you up! 

What is the benefit of working with an agency vs. hiring independently?

We take the guess work out of you finding a great Virtual Assistant. Our team is highly trained and highly vetted so you don't have to spend your time with multiple interviews. 

When you work with our team you are also getting the collective knowledge. While you'll have 1 dedicated VA, we have an amazing team back them! We are a tight knit team so we love to bounce ideas around and Abby is passionate about continued education as well. 

Where is your team located?

Our team is located all over the US and a few in Canada! 

How will I communicate with my virtual assistant?

You will have a private dedicated Slack channel to communicate on a regular basis with your VA. You will also be able to email them as well and setup zoom meetings. 

Please note - we do not provide you with phone numbers of our VAs - all communication will take place via slack or email or zoom meetings.

What else do I need to know?

  • We have a 24 hour turn around timeline for small tasks. 
  • For bigger projects, you and your VA will mutually agree upon a timeline. 
  • Please allow 24 hours for your VA to respond to your messages (this is usually sooner). 

sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

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